Fountain of Youth

Chiropractic care is a proven fountain of youth. In February 2005 a study called “Surrogate Indication of DNA Repair in Serum After Long-Term Chiropractic Intervention” confirmed that serum thiol levels of wellness chiropractic subjects who were under long-term care were higher than patients with active disease and patients who had received short-term chiropractic care. Serum thiols are used to measure human health status from DNA repair. The patients with the longest history of wellness chiropractic care showed the greatest levels of DNA repair. [2, 1]

Prevent Cancer
by Increasing the Body’s Immune System

“Everyone has from one hundred to ten thousand cancer cells floating in (his or her) body at all times. If the immune system is strong, they are destroyed before any damage is done. However, new cancer cells develop every day, so you must keep your immune system in top condition. If it weakens too much, that’s when cancer can establish itself.” says Dr. Michael Williams who is a professor of medicine at Northwestern University Medical School. Patients with cancer are an indication of a poorly functioning immune system, which is a condition that chiropractic care succeeds in overcoming. [3, 1] Indications of a weakened immune system include frequent colds or flu, infections, allergies, and asthma. People with a weakened immune system are more susceptible to cancer.

Researchers at the University of Maryland Cancer Center determined that interleukin-10 is a substance in the body’s immune system that fights and destroys cancer. Dr. Ronald Pero of New York University studied the immune systems of cancer patients, non-cancer patients, and non-cancer patients who were under chiropractic care for five years or more. The immune systems of non-cancer patients were 200 % stronger than the cancer patients. The immune systems of chiropractic patients were 200 % stronger than the non-cancer patients and 400 % stronger than the cancer patients.

63 to 76 % of patients under chiropractic care had a significant increase in circulating B-lymphocytes and immunoglobulins with B-lymphocyte increases as high as 200 percent. [4, 1]


Dr. Christopher Kent reported the following statistics from a book written in 1925 titled Chiropractic Statistics. [6, 5, 1]


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83.6 % recovery rate. 341 out of 408 cases of gonorrhea treated by 136 chiropractors completely recovered or significantly improved. 66 cases showed little or no improvement with one fatality.

99.4 % recovery rate. 4,104 out of 4,193 cases of influenza treated by 213 chiropractors completely recovered. 79 patients showed little or no improvement and 10 fatalities were reported.

98.8 % recovery rate. 665 out of 673 cases of measles treated by 121 chiropractors completely recovered or significantly improved. Seven showed little or no improvement with one fatality.

98.7 % recovery rate. 147 out of 149 cases of scarlet fever treated by 60 chiropractors completely recovered. Two showed little or no improvement. There were no fatalities.

100 out of 101 cases of smallpox treated by 45 chiropractors completely recovered. One was referred to another practitioner. There were no fatalities.

Chiropractic Reported Greater Recovery Rates
During the 1917-1918 Influenza Epidemic

Walter Rhodes [5, 7] reported that recovery rates were greater for chiropractic patients than medical patients during the 1917-1918 influenza epidemic. It is estimated that 20 million died worldwide including approximately 500,000 Americans.

In Davenport, Iowa medical doctors treated 93,590 patients with 6,116 deaths – a loss of one out of every 15 patients. Chiropractors at the Palmer School of Chiropractic adjusted 1,635 cases with only one death. Chiropractors throughout Iowa treated 4,735 patients with only 6 deaths – a loss of one out of every 789 patients.

In Oklahoma chiropractors treated 3,490 patients with only 7 deaths – a loss of one out of every 499. Chiropractors were also called in to treat 233 cases that medical doctors determined could not be saved and they “saved all but 25.”


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